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This website is used by the CADRC staff to keep track of current and past projects using the CADRC facilities and equipment.


Activity Supervisor Description Sponsors
Cash allocation analysis for public companies Research Rastad and Khosmood

Analysis of foreign cash allocation from FTC filed forms.

Civility and toxicity in online discussions Senior Project Khosmood

Working with 4Chan threads, this project aims to determin

Poke Warehouse Senior Project Khosmood

Poke Warehouse E-commerce application

SLO Music Senior Project Khosmood

Community music portal

Sound Cloud Master's Thesis Khosmood

Genre detection from Sound Cloud comments

Brovine Project Research Dan Peterson, Dekhtyar

Brovine data analysis

.History files project Research Khosmood, Nico

A project investigating if interesting patterns or author

I-Want Senior Project Khosmood

Natural Langauge understanding and classification of twee

NL marker extractor Senior Project Khosmood

This project is a tool for systematic and standard extrac

Datacenter Configuration Senior Project Khosmood

This project involves designing the best datacenter confi

Video recommender Senior Project Dekhtyar

Video recommender system using YouTube metadata

Inform7 Usability Precompiler Senior Project Khosmood

This project is an authorship tool.

Digital Democracy External research and development Khosmood, Dekhtyar, Kurfess, Snyder

Transparent Legislature Project (or Digital Democracy) is

Cal Poly IATPP and California Reform Foundation
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